Are you talking to me? An anonymous Bangor taxi driver gave Reddit users some insight into what it's like driving a cab in the Queen City.

"Through robbery at knife point, Pukers, Runners, Drug Dealers, Homeless people, A couple B-list celebrities, Mental institution runs, 3 figure millionaires, Hookers etc. This is the best job I have ever had. I want to share my awesome stories," he said in his bio.

Identifying himself only as XxTRIPLECHEESExX, the 30-year-old driver answered fellow redditors questions about everything from his worst fares ("drunk idiots") to whether he has ever had author Stephen King is his cab. (SPOLIER: He hasn't, and he doesn't like Mr. King's politics, either.)

He does have quite a few stories, so he apparently decided to tell them via answering questions in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit. There's lots of stuff about puking in the back seat and people who don't have enough money to pay the fare.

Then, of course there's the time he says he took Papa Roach to Denny's: "He is an awesome family man! Got a picture with him and his kids, His wife took the pic! kicking around somewhere."

Oh, and the one-and-only time he got robbed: "I picked the guy and his buddy up at a local bar and got him to his destination. It was not the best part of town. The fare was $10 and change. He produced a knife and my heart sank. It was almost like you see in the movies where everything has an echo and time slows down. I keep petty cash in my front breast pocket and produced it for him and he exited the cab and ran between two complexes with his buddy. I have a concealed carry permit and was carrying at the time. Ironically, That was the moment I decided I lacked the ability and skill to kill another human being."

Don't get any ideas, though. He carries some high-test pepper foam spray.

You can read more of his stories here.