The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday night at 9 on AMC, it's season four and many of us here at the station have been waiting for this for months!

Will we see the Governor again?  Will Rick and Michonne become romantically involved?  And the Walkers are congregating and moving towards the prison, what will happen there?

Sammy Hager will celebrate his birthday this Sunday, the Red Headed Rocker will be 66. My guess is the party will be at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico, although we may hear the music all the way up here.

This Saturday marks the 32nd anniversary of the release of October, the fabulous album by the Irish rock band U2.  It was the band's second release, and they were all looking very young!

Today is Daryl Hall's birthday, he's 67, and still a great singer. Of course over the years achieving fame and recording many hit songs with his long time partner John Oates. I'm very happy that the popular show Live From Daryl's House will be picked up for another year by various TV networks. Each week Daryl has a guest visit his house in New York state and they record beautiful music together. One of my favorites songs is here, where Daryl had Joe Walsh over for dinner.