Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey's finest is celebrating his 64th birthday today!  One of the hardest working performer's in the music biz is currently taking a little time off.  Bruce and the E Street Band will hit the road again in February when they begin a tour  "downunder", in Australia.  Today we feature the Dancing in the Dark video, from 1984, the song that pretty much kicked off the Born In The U.S.A. album, and introduced us to a new star named Courtney Cox.

It was on this date in 1969 that the whole "Paul is dead" thing took off. The London Daily Mirror printed a story saying that Paul McCartney had perished in a car accident a few years prior.  Some people swore up and down that a person who looked just like Paul, named Billy Shears, had taken his place in the Beatles.

Beatles fans everywhere started to add up the clues.  The white Volkswagen on the cover of the Abbey Road album with the license plate that said "281F".  28 would have been Paul's age if he had indeed survived the fictitious accident. Also on the cover Paul was the only Beatle crossing Abbey Road not wearing shoes.  And so on.  It was quite a thing at the time.

As we know, Paul McCartney is alive and well and actually playing a show on Hollywood Boulevard today!