The Boston Red Sox are heading into the playoffs!  Back in March, no one thought that this team would make the playoffs.  But, they did.  Blame it on the beards.

If you're not up on things then let me refresh your memory.  For the past two years the Red Sox have sucked.  On their huge payroll was a bunch of lazy bloated beer drankin' fried chicken eatin' mofos lounging around in the clubhouse watching the team hit rock bottom.

Those guys are gone now and a really great group of guys have taken our beloved team to the top.

During the process the majority of them have grown lengthy beards.  When first baseman Mike Napoli hits one out of the park, circles the bases and then returns to the dugout the now standard ritual of "pulling the beard" begins!  It's quite a site to behold!

Now you too can join the fun!  On the Red Sox website you can now upload a photo of yourself, and the Sox will mix your photo together with the Red Sox Beard of the Day.

Today's Beard of the Day is Jonny Gomes' "Ironsides" beard and I've uploaded a photo of myself to the site.  They'll get back to me, I anxiously await the results!