Tattoos have changed so much over the years. When I was young, tattoos were crude and usually only one color. But now, they are works of art - colorful and beautifully drawn! This video shows several examples, and quizzes you on whether you recognize the literary characters they depict!

When I worked nights at a store in Orrington, I had a couple of customers that I thought of when I saw this video. One young woman was in the process of getting a "sleeve" (series of tattoos that cover one arm like a sleeve) made up entirely of Winne the Pooh characters. It was awesome! Beautifully drawn, with lots of trees and flowers filling in the spaces.

The other belonged to a young man who obviously loved the Nickelodeon network. He was also in the early stages of getting a sleeve, and it was made up of characters from the children's network, including "The Angry Beavers!" Hilarious!

This video has more of the same, with characters from children's books and adult literature. I knew a few of them before they told me. Watch the video and see how you do!