It's been an interesting 24 hours to work for Townsquare Media Bangor! Our classic rock station, I-95, posted a poll on some of our sites asking people to vote on who they think is the "Hottest TV Newswoman."

This was later changed to "Favorite TV Newswoman" after a few of you said you found it offensive.

But really? They are public figures. They made the choice to be on TV, and that type of a job comes with attention of all kinds. The photos that we used were public photos, some of which were actually submitted to us by the ladies.

These ladies are all on TV and I'm sure spend some time in front of the mirror applying enough makeup to make them look HOT! Who wouldn't want to look hot?

Being called "HOT" does not mean you're not brilliant at what you do. I am friendly with a few of the ladies on this list and happen to know that they are excellent journalists and human beings. What's wrong with a little flattery to go along with it? This poll was just a community interest poll for FUN!

Nobody would have cared if we did this with newswoman on the national level, right? Oh, wait! It's been done a zillion times.

What about People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive? Same thing, right? Settle down.

Or what about Hottest TV Newsman? Oh, wait. That's coming on Friday! Todd Simcox, beware! Don't worry: We'll call it Favorite TV Newsman.

Maybe it's because I spent most of my life overweight and was never referred to as HOT even once until I was almost 20 years old, but if I were featured in a similar poll with radio personalities, I'd be super flattered! I'm thinking a bikini contest is next! No?

Seriously. This is all for FUN! Life is too short and we spend so much time being serious and uptight about so many things. We didn't take a poll asking which of them we'd like to see hit the pole at the local strip club. Relax!

You know what else? I have a FAVORITE TV Newswoman. She's pretty smokin' HOT if you ask me. Can you say girl crush? Curious? Ha! Not telling! :)

Now, I'd like to take a poll. How many of you think this poll was in bad taste? How many of you think it's all in good fun? I'm just curious.