It amazes me every time I read some where that the most popular passwords are "123456" and, yes, "password." One in 10 four-digit PINs is "1234" according to consulting firm Data Genetics. Yikes!

Well, leave it to Consumer Reports

to come up with a great way to come up with a secure password you can remember..That's being a crucial part to a great password.

Their suggestion was to create your new password by creating a saying or sentence that means something to you and using the first letter of each word.  That, will provide a stronger password than using a dictionary word. Rumor has it the dictionary is where most hackers start to get ideas.

Here are a couple examples:

If You Steal My Money I'll Kill You Slowly =  iysmmikys


Grandma gives the best kisses to emma and joe = Ggtbkteaj

Now, substitute a few numbers or symbols. Last, remember the length is more important that the complexity.

iysm$ikyS  or  GgtbXte&j

And there you have it! ...strong passwords, Tada!

Test your password's report card:

  • Is it too short? Go big and random: Remember, longer passwords are harder to hack
  • Does it contain actual words, years, and calendar dates? Instead, devise memorable nonsense from abbreviated sentences (follow instructions above)
  • Have you used this password in several places?  Rule of thumb, don't repeat or Never reuse a password for sensitive accounts such as banks, email, or social media