I guess I must be wimpy, the thought of a device reaching into my brain and pulling out a password creeps me out just a little. However, whatever the mind of man can concieve the mind of man can do, and here we go again.

For many of us remembering the passwords for all your sites can get frustrating. Thanks to researchers at the UC Berkeley School of Information, you may not need to type those pesky passwords in the future. Instead, you'll only need to think them.

Researchers are able to replace passwords with "passthoughts" for computer authentication. A $100 headset wirelessly connects to a computer via Bluetooth, and the device's sensor rests against the your forehead and provides a EEG signal from your brain.

But will this new technology work for computer authentication? According to Berkley's webpage addressing, is it secure, accurate, and reproducible enough to replace passwords? And more importantly, would people actually be willing to use it? The research project has preliminary answers to all three of these questions: yes, yes, and (probably) yes.

Until you get the gizmo though click here to learn how to create a memorable, secure password