Tonight’s mystery artists hold the record for always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. During their heyday they would have 5 songs go to #2 and no #1s. Think you know who they might be?? 

This sad little fact was found on TeamRock about Credence Clearwater Revival. Quote:

CCR had five singles in America which peaked at number two. No other artist has had so many number two singles without ever topping the charts.

Now granted there were and are lots of band that would have killed to have charted at all so many times, so don’t feel too bad for them. Their string of number two hits includes:

  • Proud Mary 1969
  • Bad Moon Rising 1969
  • Looking Out My Backdoor 1970
  • Green River 1970
  • Who’ll Stop The Rain 1970 which also happens to be tonight’s featured song.