Tonight’s mystery artists along with many charting singles have also had a multitude of their songs used in television and movie soundtracks.  Think you know who got a double payday from many of their hits?

Although I know this, I confess I didn’t really see the scope of this band’s contributions to movies over the years until today.  The site Anglotopia were counting down the many unique things about the band Queen when they mentioned this fact.  Queen hits have been used extensively in movies, television and various soundtracks recordings over the years. Some of the most notable were, Highlander’s inclusion of “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “Princes of the Universe,” for both movie and television.  The band also created the soundtrack to the 80s adaptation of Flash Gordon, the theme tune “Flash” becoming a major hit.  And tonight’s featured song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” had a resurgence in popularity in 1992 with the release of “Wayne’s World” and since,  the article says, has been one of the most parodied songs in music, with everyone from Father Ted to the Muppets releasing their own version of the song.  Other versions of their songs have also appeared in the films Ella Enchanted, A Knight’s Tale, Moulin Rouge, to name just a few.

Here is tonight's featured song.

Just for fun.