If you live in Bangor, did you know that you can now file a police report online?  Well you can!

According to the Bangor Police Department's Facebook page, if you haven't got time to wait around for a police officer and need to file a report you should utilize this fast, easy and free service!

There are six simple questions that you have to answer before filing a report.  For instance, "Is this an emergency"?  "Did this incident occur outside the city of Bangor"?  If you answer "no" to all six then you can file a report online.

Some of the categories that you would file a report for include, theft, vandalism and harassing phone calls.  You can also reports "tips" of suspicious activities at the site.

Just a reminder while you're online, filing a false report is a crime.  You'll be communicating with real cops in the real world.

This is NOT a service to utilize in the event of an emergency. In that case CALL 911!