Classes are starting, to get you out and about this winter.

Cabin fever can strike early, I know I already feel cooped up! Thankfully we live in Maine where the great outdoors is only a snowball's throw away. The Bangor Municipal Golf Course may not feel like the wilderness, but it's the first step!

The Arooskis are a group of experienced cross-country ski instructors that hope to get you off the couch and onto the trails. Classes cost a small seasonal fee of $55 and is run by Healthy Hometowns, a division of the Maine Winter Sports Center.

Classes are open to those 18 years and older and to all skill levels, even beginners. Classes are designed for the 9 to 5 worker, with classes starting at 6PM on Thursdays.

Classes start on December 12th at the Bangor Municipal Golf Course. This is the second year the golf course will be groomed for skiing. Classes are also being offered in Waterville. For more info and online registration, visit, or the Arooskis Facebook page.