Sometimes it is just good to take some time and do all the things you've been putting off.  Sometimes it's good to have some fun outdoors.  For me the perfect summer vacation was a little bit of both.

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    The first ingredient

    Time with my best girl.  We started my vacation with a trip to her special vet in Saco for a recheck of a tooth gone awry and got a good report.  The rest of the time we snuggled and munched and played in the garden.

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    The second ingredient

    Mom and I headed over to the Bangor Mall Cinemas and took in a show.  The movie was "Kick Ass 2"...she picked it.  We loved the first one but this one, not so much.  Oh well, time with mom is always well spent.

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    The third Ingredient

    Well, no week is complete without by best fella Terry. We went kayaking around Echo Lake and then beached it in the warn sand. That day was a great addition.

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    Ingredient number four

    Of course, the long pay off for any vacation is getting a few things done, so I painted my fence and kitchen cupboards.  I also did many errands that need to be done during the day.  To top off my housy things I got my weatherization estimates out of the way and had some new carpet installed.  Not the whole list but a big enough chunk to make me feel time well spent.

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    Number five

    Relaxing working in the garden.  I find any time I can get time in the garden it becomes the gift that keeps on how could I  resist.

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    Sixth ingredient

    I sprinkled in a few visits for my rescued robin a Birdsacre.  She is doing well and I got to feed her.

    Smile at the birdie

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    Final ingredient

    No time off would be complete without spending a chunk of time with my best friend Marianne.  We took a whole day and shopped Ellsworth, walked around Eagle Lake and topped it all off with dinner at Jordan Pond House and a stroll through the downtown shops.