For a while now I have been hearing rumors of Richard Branson planning to sell tickets aboard a space shuttle, (tickets come available in 2014 and run about $250.000.00) but now thanks to producer Mark Burnett a new TV show comes to NBC that could send you on your way. Burnett has produced reality series hits like Survivor and The Apprentice.

Virgin Galactic, the private space flight division of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, virgin Galactic, a private space division is partnering with NBC to bring a reality TV show named Space Race to viewers in 2014. The program will have participants competing for a free ticket on the company’s space plane. The lucky winner will be one of the first passengers to experience a high-altitude trip in Galactic’s new SpaceShipTwo.

Television is not all Branson has planned for Virgin Galactic. In a speech delivered in late September, the billionaire outlined the ambitious goals he expects his private space flight company to reach. What does he have in mind? Space hotels and Moon tours.

As nice as all this sounds if you want to compete you might want to skip ‘Gravity’ with Sandra Bullock…talk me out of it :)D