Forgive the non-english video it is the first available and I am confident you will understand the product perfectly from the pictures alone.  You are going to love this new tech.  This particular innovation comes from a couple of University Professors from New Delhi, India.  What they have created is a device that looks like a sticky note but can transfer and store data like a thumb drive.  More amazing still is that it does this by simply being stuck to the front of a device like a computer or smartphone. The name to look for is Datastickies.

They are guessing it will be a few years before these come to market but I can’t wait.  Just like Postits these Datastickies will come in a stack to be peeled off and used as needed.  They will also come in different storage sizes. Datastickies are made from graphene - a super-strong, conductive material made of a single layer of carbon atoms - and will be sold in a range of different sizes up to 32GB. The units are held to your chosen device by a specially designed adhesive that is strong but leaves no residue. You can even stack them to get more storage and they have a label able surface for notes and marking.

Not on the market yet the developers foresee them being offered in many colors and designs.  Amazing.