Ok now I’ve seen everything.  And it is good to know I am not the only one with guilt when I have to go to work and leave Bella all by herself all day.

Photo courtesy of PetChantz
Photo courtesy of PetChantz

Although I not thinking a bunny would give this too much attention it is good news for dog and cat owners…there’s an app for that. A company called Petchatz has made an app and system featuring a color cameras that lets you see them and them see you, talk to them even give them a treat.

In essence it is a video phone. It can also record clips over a wi-fi network. And it has its own special tone they can be trained to recognize.

The Minnesota-based company says it is a ‘joyful sensory experience.’

The new gadget will be available this spring and runs about $350.00 available in the US and Canada.

Check out the video.