Paul McCartney had some unexpected guests join him onstage during his May 6 concert in Goiânia, Brazil.  No, it wasn't a group of screaming fans -- rather, an infestation of grasshoppers swarmed the ex-Beatle as he performed.

McCartney shows the audience one grasshopper that's crawling on his arm.  "Can you see my little friend?" he declares.  "He's called Harold.  Hello, Harold...say hello to the people."  Then, pretending the insect is responding, Paul says in a high voice, "Hello."  McCartney adds, "This is a first, I must say."

"Brazilian audiences are incredible so that's why we keep coming back," he writes.  "All of the shows this week were incredible.  The crowds were just amazing and of course in Goiânia we had the grasshoppers join us, which was unbelievable.  No one could see that coming!"

Next up for McCartney is a series of U.S. tour dates kicking off May 18 in Orlando, Florida.