Folks in Portland are most likely to live long and have lots of sexy time.

Men's Health magazine looked into cities in the U.S. where folks are living into the triple digits. In addition, cities where folks are having lots of sex into their senor years. Good ol' Portland, Maine made the list! Portland ranked second on the list, Honolulu Hawaii came in first.

Men's Health said:

'[Honolulu] has fabulous weather that encourages year-round physical activity. Many residents are heavily influenced by Asian diets, which are high in vegetables.'

Both factors are big in the battle of the bulge, and longboard wilting illnesses.

Portland beat out Seattle, WA, Billings, MT, Oakland, CA , and Manchester, NH as other die hard cites.

There you have it folks! Next time you see that cute old couple walking down a Portland sidewalk remember: They're probably doing it like crazy animals later that night...after Jeopardy.