Rob Zombie's new movie The Lords of Salem looks to be another great film from the zombie man!

I have a lot of respect for Rob Zombie's movie career. As a film nerd, I've come to love Rob's writing and directing skills. His movies are dark and have a fun element of repetition. You may (or may not) know Rob has written and directed four popular cult classics.

House of 1000 Corpses was his first film, released in 2003. Based in the 1970's, the film follows two couples that are held hostage by a psychotic, murderous family.

His second film was released in 2005, titled The Devil's Rejects. The film is a follow-up and conclusion to House of 1000 Corpses. Rob creative writing and directing skills makes the viewer almost upset that the evil family meets their demise.

A scary move for any director is to re-make a classic horror film. When I heard Zombie was to revamp the classic Halloween, I got nervous. Rob outdid himself, adding plot twists and more blood...a lot more blood.

H2 was his follow-up and conclusion to his version of Halloween. It was a great box office success. Rob once again twisted the plot and added his demented 'charm' to the film.

Now Lords of Salem is set to his next big film hitting theaters April 19th. The film follows a group of radio DJ's (I'm already scared/intrigued) whom receive a mysterious record from a band called 'the Lords of Salem.' When the record plays backwards the main character, Heidi, (played by Rob's smokin' hot wife Sheri Moon Zombie) sees a traumatic flashback. The record (played forward) becomes a huge hit with listeners. The 'band' later announces a huge show in Salem. The 'show' is not the what concert goers are expecting...


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