Get to the choppahhh, because you can't club here! Patrick Schwarzenegger Threatens to 'Beat the f*** out of the DJ.'

Patrick Schwarzenegger was caught on camera threatening to 'Beat the f*** out of the DJ.' The Terminator offspring, who is 19 years-old, was reportedly kicked out of the Sayers Club Saturday after using a fake ID to get in.

He allegedly threw ice cubes at the DJ (a huge no, no) and was thrown out for that reason.

It was outside the club when TMZ paparazzi's caught him saying classy remarks like 'Everyone around me wants to beat the f*** out of the DJ...I'll beat the f*** out of him.' And 'He kicks everyone out of his table, loosing money for the club, loosing money for the owner.'

Best part of the video is when Patrick tries to get into a black SUV parked in front of the club. The driver clearly doesn't know who he is and kicks him out of the vehicle.

He took to Twitter apologizing for his language after the footage hit the internet.