Smartphones are changing everything. The average smartphone has 41 apps, and each day more new mobile devices are activated than there are children born into the world.

And once devices are activated, they are checked on average 150 times a day -- once every 6.5 minutes. Use is focused on apps with some 127 minutes a day but surfing the web also accounts for just over an hour's use every day.

Oh but there's more...If you use an electronic tablet or smartphone when travelling, you may be getting a break soon, as the FAA is considering loosening the restrictions on their use during takeoff and landing.

In the last 25 years, the FAA and a number of independent testing labs have tested every conceivable electronic device at more than 100 times their radio frequency interference less than two feet from every cockpit instrument you can imagine and -- guess what? -- there's been no interference with flight control whatsoever.

What changed things you ask? Well, last year the FAA allowed some airline pilots to use their iPads in the cockpit. That started the ball rolling towards the loosening of certain restrictions.