She's made you laugh on more than one occasion!  Her horrible singing has probably made you turn the radio off.  She may have even changed your mind about insurance.  She's "Flo", the Progressive Insurance commercial spokesperson!

Stephanie Courtney, 44,  grew up in Stony Point, New York before venturing to the Big Apple.  While in New York City working as a secretary she studied acting and caught the fever.  Later she moved along to Los Angeles and began to perform stand up comedy which she says that "she loves dearly."

While in LA she joined "The Groundlings", a 30 member improvisational and sketch  troupe, where she fell in love with the theater's lighting director, Scott Kolanach.  The two would marry in 2008.

Rich Polk - Getty Images

You may have seen Courtney is TV commercials for Bud Lite, Skittles and General Mills, but it's Flo from the Progressive ads that have turned her into one of the most recognizable advertising faces of all time!  Yup, she's right up there with Mr. Whipple!

Rich Polk - Getty Image