Top 5 Public Beaches Near Bangor
When most people think beaches they think of beaches on the ocean and with more than 200 miles of coastline Maine has tons of beach options. But what about lake and river beaches? Maine has some of the best that are often overlooked.
Best Secluded Beaches In Maine
I love the beach! Eventually the weather will warm up enough for beach weather in Maine. When you think beaches in Maine, Old Orchard Beach, Reid State Park and Popham Beach come to mind. However, if you are looking for that quiet beach to relax, Travel and Leisure Magazine came up with their list o…
Thousand of Sharks Close FL. Beaches [Video]
Before you head off to Palm Beach for your vacation you may want ot check in with the beach patrol.  There is a shark migration going on right now that has closed hundred of miles of beached in Florida. Sharks usually migrate north in February but for some reason they are late...