According to WMTW, a beloved beach in Maine one of the best in the country by the trusted travel company, Tripadvisor! The site released its top 25 beaches in the good 'ole U.S of A!

Ogunquit Beach came in at number 15. Woo hoo! Northern New England pride!

I have such fond memories of going to Ogunquit beach as a kid. A few times a summer, we would pack up and head there for the day with family friends.

A few random memories from Ogunquit Beach: we always brought hard boiled eggs and Pringles as a beach snack. One time, a seagull stole my mom's hot dog right out of the bun. She says she saw the same seagull later in the day with mustard on its beak ,and we always say she made that part up. I also remember one time my brother was being bad and he threw sand at me. It scratched my cornea, and I had to wear a patch to school like a damn pirate for a week! That is a less fond memory.

WMTW goes on to say that the other New England beach that made the list is Race Point Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I have never been to that beach, but I do love me some P-Town! It is a one-of-a-kind town, and I think everyone should go at least once.

Check out the full list here!


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