Woman Messes With Dog’s Mind Teaching It To Meow
Although I think it is a good thing to speak a second language I am not sure having the dog meow counts.  Regardless, since we are a culture of novelty lovers,  just because we can and so on this little guy is proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that between pleasing a human and getting a…
Say Cheese
O.K. so it may not be the most sincere smile you have ever seen but take into account this dog has probably figured out there will actually be no cheese. Here is a pet trick you don't see very often. Too funny though.
Man Proposes With A Puppy, Brilliant
I am not much of a romantic really.  Probably jaded in my old age. But I need to give props to this guy for originality and style. I think the puppy alone was obviously a gift she loved. But using a chocolate lab to propose it sheer genius...