Usually an actress has to be pretty talented to pull off playing just once character, but how about one that plays many different characters on one TV show?  She has to be quite amazing, and this one happens to be amazingly beautiful too!

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The second season of the science fiction thriller Orphan Black premieres April 19th on BBC America and it stars Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany.  Tatiana who plays Sarah, and also seven different other characters during the first season,  discovers that she was one of a group of clones hatched from some weird mysterious scientific experiment.  The show and it's story line is positively addicting!

Tatiana Maslany, (man, what a cool name), 28, was born in Regina, Canada and began studying dance at a very early age before moving along into community theater and musicals. She also quite experienced with improvisational  comedy.  She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and has won a Canadian Screen Award!

Tatiana has appeared in 29 films and just as many TV shows already, but we think that she's struck black gold with her latest show, Orphan Black!  Which is very cool, 'cause we can't wait to watch this raven haired beauty continue to kick ass!

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