Maureen Hancock was live at the Cross Insurance Center, Friday, May 2nd with her Postcards From Heaven Show, and let me tell you my impression in one word "WOW!!!" There's no other word to describe it.

I was taking tickets, and then at 7:30 I went in. Maureen was just finishing up a reading with three people on the stage and then went out into the audience. She then came back with three people from the audience, that were chosen based upon her communicating with a spirit from heaven. She brought up Taylor Darveau's mother, Christina Darveau,  her father Corey, and her boyfriend's mother.

Taylor Darveau had died unexpectedly on October 3, 2013 as a result of a tragic car accident.

I have never met Christina before. I am her Facebook friend, and had offered to mediate a call with Christina and Maureen Hancock, prior to Maureen's show, as I thought it might bring Christina some closure, and knowledge that Taylor was in heaven. Christina originally said yes, but then changed her mind because she didn't want to do the reading publicly. I didn't recognize them, until Maureen started the reading.

I had decided to film the reading, not knowing it was the Darveaus. I am convinced it was Taylor instructing me to film the reading, so it could be preserved for her family and friends. You can decide for yourself whether Maureen Hancock was indeed talking to Taylor in heaven, but for me, the things that Maureen was saying, only could have come from Taylor. She had never met the Darveaus before.