Moosehead Lake Aurora from Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography on Vimeo.

Maine is one of the best places in America (other than Alaska) to watch the Northern Lights! Check out this video from Mike Taylor Photography on Vimeo - it's a time-lapse of the natural phenomenon at one of Maine's most famous lakes, Moosehead.

From the video description on Vimeo:

With news that Mother Nature was going to put on a Northern Lights display we headed to one of our favorite spots to view and capture them – Moosehead Lake, Maine - located just above the 45 degree latitude point. The show started just before 10PM. It ebbed and flowed through the night until almost 3AM - this was easily the longest and most impressive aurora display we have witnessed.

The Visual: a huge green arc with dancing spikes and pulsating waves of light that stretched overhead & over 180 degrees across the sky. At a few different points it was a variable rainbow of colors. All of this was being perfectly reflected in the smooth-as-glass water right in front of us."