From a little buzz to rocket fuel, you'll be shocked to see how much caffeine your sucking down.

I pretty sure I will be well preserved like Mic Jagger when I'm his age, all from the rocket fuel I drink every morning. Energy drinks have become a mega market, bringing in $12 billion last year. Convenience stores provide row after row of high test drinks. The market grows every year. Matter of fact, there's a website that tracks the caffeine levels in the newly released drinks. So how much caffeine is in those cans? You might want to sit down.

We'll use are jittery pals at Dunkin' as a starting point. A cup of their coffee has a dose of 13mg/fl oz. Now for the cocaine in a can.

Red Bull - The popular drink may wake you up but probably not as quick as that cup of coffee. I always have to buy two, but I'm also a caffeine succubus. Red Bull has 9.5mg/fl oz.

Rockstar - My favorite! I am proud to say I slam down two of these bad boys some mornings. If I die of a heart attack, remember me fondly. The caffeine levels are at 10mg/fl oz.

Monster - Another popular drink that shares the buzz level with Rockstar at 10mg/fl oz.

Body Glove SURGE - This drink I have yet to try and might hold off on. These pack a mega-punch! These puppies are filled with 56mg/fl oz of caffeine.

5 Hour Energy Shot - These are hugely popular. Low calories, lots of energy. That's their selling point. How these don't kill you, I may never know. You may be shocked to learn these are at the high end of the list. Slam back one of these and you've got 100mg/fl oz of caffeine rushing through you.

You can see what your favorite energy drink or coffee has for horse power at Energy

Anyone want to flip some cars now?