When is it too soon to fart in front of your partner?  Now there is the question for the ages.  I remember after I got married my new husband confessed that he was amazed he hadn't exploded for all the gas he had held in. I laughed.  I am not sure why men and women in new relationships want to give the impression that we are more than human but it is universal.

In fact, just in from the DailyMail:

A new British survey found that women in relationships would only let their guard down after 7.5 months. Fashion website MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk surveyed almost 1200 women over the age of 18.  The majority of respondents said after 7.5 months they were completely comfortable with their partner and were able to burp and fart in their presence. These women also believed men are completely comfortable in just three weeks.

Other things that make the acceptable behavior list after 7.5 months:

  • Act more 'myself'
  • Go to the toilet 
  • Wear no make-up 
  • Wear scruffy clothes
  • Dye moustache
  • Pick spots
  • Wear unsexy/unmatching underwear
  • Act poorly 
  • Pluck eyebrows

Here you go guys...in case your still at 6 months, what you have to look forward to