A dry-ish town wants to get the good stuff on store shelves.

A vote to allow the sale of liquor in the town of York is once again gaining steam. Hannaford hopes the third time's a charm in getting liquor on their stores shelves. Hannaford started a petition, that now has more than 1,500 signatures, per request of customers.

York is not a totally dry town, the sale of beer and wine is permitted within its boundaries. There's also no law banning liquor. The state allows towns to choose whether liquor should be sold, with a majority vote needed to pass.

Town Hall is currently verifying the petition signatures to ensure they are all registered York voters. After verification, it goes to the Board of Selectmen to have the question placed on the May 17 budget referendum. The petition needs to be approved by April 2nd to make the ballot.

If approved, York can authorize the state to permit state liquor stores and agency liquor stores in town.

Two similar petitions were rejected in the mid 80's.