There are a lot of things Bangor, as a city, has going for it. When it comes to options, there are usually a number of different ones for folks to choose from. Everything from where to eat, to where to bank, to where to shop, to where to bike, hike and walk--there seems to be a multitude of choices from which people can pick to enjoy the city.

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As a parent, one thing that I'm always curious about when I visit a city is where I can take my kids to play. Knowing where the different parks are located, and what features they have, is key to being able to have a successful impromptu play outing or even a well-planned larger gathering with friends.

So we've taken the time to explore 10 playgrounds in the Bangor area, and compile a list of where they are and what they have going for them.

We looked at things like: Does the park have plenty of benches? Does it have a basketball hoop or a tennis court? What's the parking like?  Are there other cool things nearby for kids to do? Is the equipment newer or dated?

With pictures, descriptions, and an overview from a parent's point of view, we have a list of 10 Bangor playgrounds you can visit with your kids.


There may be a couple of others we could add to the list at a later date. But for now, it gives you some options of where to play.

10 Bangor Playgrounds You Can Visit With Your Kids

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