As the weather starts to warm up, and folks trade their snow pants for mud boots, a lot of families are looking for outdoor places to have some fun in the sun (and mud).

If you have kids and you find yourself in the Bangor area with some time to spare, there are a number of awesome playgrounds and parks you could check out.

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Knowing where the different parks are located, and what features they have, is key to being able to have a successful impromptu play outing or even a well-planned larger gathering with friends.

So we've taken the time to explore 10 playgrounds in the Bangor area, and compile a list of where they are and what they have going for them.

We looked at things like: Does the park have plenty of benches? Does it have a basketball hoop or a tennis court? What's the parking like?  Are there other cool things nearby for kids to do? Is the equipment newer or dated?

With pictures, descriptions, and an overview from a parent's point of view, we have a list of 10 Bangor playgrounds you can visit with your kids.


There may be a couple of others we could add to the list at a later date. But for now, it gives you some options of where to play.

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