I mean, it might...

There's been a lot of grumbling on social media about Maine setting some record temps next week. In Maine, if you start saying "100 degrees" anywhere within a sentence, it always makes people talk about record temps. When I used to live in Westbrook, it hit 100 degrees a couple days in a row. It was weird, because this is Maine. We're not accustomed to it.

<a href="http://bangorinfo.com/Special/bangor_record_temps.html" target="_blank"><strong>the last time Bangor went over 100</strong></a> was back in August of 1935.

In the 90's? No problem, we do that all the time. But at best, Maine often teeters near the edge of 100, but backs off a bit by the end. But depending on who's forecast you trust the most, there's a solid chance that some places around Maine will find themselves drenched in sweat, and bathed in heat next week.

When's the last time Bangor hit 100+?

Near as I can find by looking around online, the last time Bangor went over 100 was back in August of 1935. That day the mercury crawled all the way up to 104. Beyond that, we've just flirted with it. Again, we're no stranger to temps in the 90's...

But according to Meteorologist Christian Bridges from WGME, there's evidence pointing toward conditions being ripe for temps to soar all around the state. Looking at the map they provide, the Bangor area could be looking at highs in the upper 90's later in the week. That's just a stone's throw from the big 1-0-0.

The National Weather Service doesn't seem as optimistic. While they're showing some days that are sultry at best, they're not indicating anything close to 100. We'll just have to wait and see. Regardless, it's gonna be a scorcher.


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