Amazingly enough, as much as we crabbed about yesterday's storm it was nothing compares to the 1993 Storm of the Century. 

According to WeatherBug this storm didn't just hit folks in New England who know how to hunker down and deal with a big storm.  The storm in 1993 dumped snow as far south as Florida.

Just as it did yesterday in 1993 on March 14, blizzard conditions pounded the Eastern Seaboard from Alabama to Maine. Snowfall rates of 2-to-3 inches per hour and hurricane-force winds forced every airport along the Eastern Seaboard to close for the first time ever.

The highest snowfall totals from the storm include the following:

  • Mount Le Conte, Tenn.: 60 inches
  • Grantsville, Md.: 47 inches
  • Syracuse, N.Y.: 43 inches
  • Albany, N.Y.: 27 inches
  • Chattanooga, Tenn: 20 inches
  • Birmingham, Ala.: 17 inches
  • Mobile, Ala.: 3 inches

This storm also killed over 300 people and the damage was estimated 6.6 billion dollars. Interesting in the documentary how these storms in truly change the way we predict weather.  So you hate to say it but could have been worse and we know this because we were here when it was.

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