The 223-foot-long Nobiskrug custom built super yacht Triple Seven has been in town for a while.  Did you maybe forget where you tied it up?

Wow, what a beautiful boat. The extreme luxury boat was recently sold this past August and is currently tied up at Dysart's Marina in Southwest Harbor.  That's the yacht to the far right in the webcam screen shot below.

Now we can't imagine motoring around the world in such a play toy, but we'd certainly like to give it a try.  This boat has a sky lounge cinema in it, a deck Jacuzzi, a gym, and a fully equipped DJ station with dance floor complete with lasers and smoke.  Now that's a party.

A party it will be as this super yacht can accommodate 10 guests within 5 cabins.  It's also capable of carrying 17 crew members who were born to serve you.

The Triple Seven carries not one but three tenders, because you know everyone can't be seen departing the boat at the same time. It carries it's own jet skis and even has a Hydrofoil board, where you can slide from the top down into the water below.

This yacht can also get to it's next destination pretty quickly as it's powered by two 2,360hp engines.  It has a top speed of 17 knots and cruises along at 15 knots.  It also has a range of 4,500 nautical miles, so you won't be pulling up to the pumps anytime soon, not that you can't afford to.

We have no idea who the owner is or who has rented it, but one would imagine that either he or she has enough yearly income to pay the excise tax when it comes to registering this baby.

So where's the Triple Seven off to next?  St. Barts, or maybe Bora Bora? One has to wonder, and most of us can only dream about it.

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