Now that’s some good eatin’!

A guy on Reddit who goes by the name “Real Mainer” posted a video of an unusual item he came across while fishing off a small pier here in Maine. There lying in the water at low tide was a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, clearly the result of some unfortunate person's mistake.

It has happened to all of us at one time or another, and I will be the first to tell you that I have misplaced my phone a million times. I left one in an Uber once, lost one in a cab, and my personal favorite, dropped one in the urinal of the men’s room years ago at the Sea Dog. Good times!

Supposedly, some of these phones are waterproof, but as it turns out Real Mainer didn't find an SD card in the phone, so the mystery continues.

As always, there were some amusing comments on the thread from other Reddit users:


I bet that’d be good with rice


Saltwater definitely fried


Don't think the salt water can be too good for the insides. Rusts and corrodes faster than regular water I believe.

You have to throw the females back though, right?


it's clearly notched, back to the bottom she goes.


You got a permit for that?


Nice to see people catching the invasive species


I like the smell of low tide. Tell me I'm not alone


you like the smell of egg farts?


I think it's a little different. IDK, it smells like "life" to me.


Smells like “home” to me


It still works after all those years.


Too small. Throw it back


Some dude probably tossed it so his girlfriend wouldn’t be able to scrutinize it when he got home


I checked it for an SD card but the slot was empty. So disappointing!


Dude was smart. Tossed it separate. Probably his burner phone

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