It sounds like a stupid question, but think about it for a second!

I love checking out Maine Reddit each day, because there are so many questions posed that would never occur to me to ask ever. So, with that in mind, I came across one that interested me.

When you think of getting pizza from the same place that you get gas, it probably doesn't compute, but there are some very fine delis all across the state of Maine that serve up some pretty delicious food!

No one ever thinks to eat pizza from a gas station, or convenience store, but I was in Lisbon Falls over the weekend, and we stopped to get gas and use the restroom, and I happened to look over by the deli section and saw some pizza in a heated glass warmer display that looked very tempting, so when a Reddit user posed this question, some people gave some very interesting responses.


Anthony’s Food Shop York, ME They have real wood-fired pizza, subs , a bakery and coffee shop.


The Milk Room in Waterboro


My go-tos are North Yarmouth Variety and Richmond Irving


TBH Rusty Lantern out to Exit 46 ain’t bad. Thai chili BBQ & Buffalo chicken are really good. Thin NY style crust.


The gas station in Monson a couple blocks from Shaw’s is my choice. I ate a large pizza from there every night when I stopped in town during my Appalachian Trail thru hike in 2016. Istayed an extra 2 nights in town just for the pizza.



My wife and I have often joked about writing this book, taking a summer or longer to hit every single place that sells pizza in Maine and ranking them, then getting our arteries reamed. I don't doubt Beans would sell the product as pure Maine kitsch.
My best local recco... Phippsburg Center Store. Awesome dough, reasonably priced, cooked to perfection!


Wiscasset Quikstop. Surprisingly good. Very nice staff too.


The Milk Room in Waterboro.


Low's in Alfred


Wallace’s Market, friendship


Link's in New Gloucester. The spices in the sauce remind me of a place called Bilbo Baggins' on the Camden Rockport Town Line decades ago. And you get a really big slice for your money.


Dee’s Variety in New Harbor. Some of the best pizza this relocated NYer has had in Maine.


If we’re talking true Gas Station pizza, the best I’ve had is Belfast Variety, by the overpass. They never get your name right, and it’s not gourmet, but damned if it isn’t the best pizza I have had from any gas station I’ve been to in these United States. Gotta order the fresh-made dough.


Tideway in Hancock



Circle K breakfast pizza. You can all delete your answers once you’ve had it.


Otis General Store

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