Cryptids are cool.

We love our mysterious creatures here in Maine, there's no doubt. We've had our fair share of Bigfoot sightings. We even have our own mythical creatures like the Hoop Snake. But it's rare when we get video footage of them. Sure, people have lots of Bigfoot videos, but they usually turn out to be the neighbor in an ape suit.

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One thing that's a bit harder to fake is footage of a creature in the water. It doesn't mean there isn't a reasonable explanation, but it takes some real effort to move a substantial amount of water. Unless you have some degree of skill when it comes to camera tricks, water is a little more interesting.

Maine has a history or mysterious aquatic creatures.

there've been instances in Maine's past that have hinted about strange creatures living in lakes, rivers, and off our coast. Like the Pocomoonshine Lake Monster or Cassie, a creature believed to be swimming around Casco Bay. There have even been sightings off the coast of Bar Harbor.

What about in the Greater Bangor area?

Until this morning, I'd never thought there might be anything creepy swimming under the surface locally, but a video on the Maine Wildlife page on Facebook shows quite a wake being kicked up by an unseen force. But what struck me harder was that it said the video came from Plymouth Pond! Check it out!

To be fair, Plymouth Pond is only about ten feet deep at it's deepest point. so maybe this could be a moose under the water or something like that. Most comments point towards a snapping turtle. But really, there's an awful lot of water being displaced. Outside of a terrestrial explanation, it's hard to say exactly what this might be.

Sure, the whole thing could also be faked. It could be a boat wake and someone is leaving the boat of of frame, but again... It's hard to say for sure. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself...

It's been a minute since we've thought about any of these things...

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