This week's full moon was named in celebration of strawberries by the Algonquin tribe that made New England and Atlantic Canada their home.

Strawberries are days away from being in season, so that means that this week's full moon is a strawberry moon.  When it appears this Friday, June 5th, sometime in the late afternoon, it may or may not be red in color, but it was named the "strawberry moon" by the Native Americans that once were plentiful in the area that we currently live in.

Strawberries are "in season" in our area in mid June.  You'll see locally grown strawberries, red, sweet and delicious that they are, begin to become available at farmer's markets across our area soon, at the local grocery stores, and pick them yourself farms like Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant and RJ Hall’s Family Farm (formerly Tate's) in Corinth.

Looking at the extended forecast at this moment, Friday night may or may not be a good night to see our strawberry moon, as the day starts out mostly sunny, but clouds roll in by the night with a chance of showers, according to the National Weather Service.  The strawberry moon will official occur at 3:12 p.m.

The next full moon in 2020 will be on Sunday, July 5th.

So, pray for good viewing this Friday night, and make sure that you leave the TV behind for a least a few moments to venture out into the yard and observe the beauty of nature.  Oh, and it's okay to bring your phone to snap a photo.

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