It was a wild weekend for weather in Maine, with scattered thunderstorms and heavy rain hitting some spots across the state. But the storms weren't the wildest thing by far. Did you know a tornado touched down in Maine this weekend?

The National Weather Service sent out a Tornado Warning for Cumberland County around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. About an hour later, reports started coming in that a tornado was forming over Barker Pond in Hiram (Oxford County).

According to a statement put out on the National Weather Service website around 9 o'clock Saturday night,

"The tornado continued northeast to Hogfat Hill Road where winds downed a willow tree and an oak tree. From there the tornado continued north and east with video footage showing it crossing Browns Pond with further damage, including uprooted and snapped softwoods on Hancock Pond Road and Rt. 107 near Peabody Pond Road...The mix of uprooted and snapped softwood trees along with a few uprooted hardwood trees support a maximum wind speed of 80 mph."

It's estimated that overall, the tornado traveled a path a distance of just under 5 miles. The statement also said only the tin roof of one structure was reported as damaged, but that no one was injured or killed during the weather event.

News Center Maine reported one woman in Sebago got the beginning of the formations on video:

The NSW classified the tornado as an EF0 because it had wind speeds of between 65 to 85 miles per hour.

Forecasters say this is the first tornado to touch down in Maine so far in 2020.

(Of course the minute I heard that I thought "Now you've jinxed us!" It is, 2020, after all. So all bets are off!)

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