We're sure it hasn't escaped the notice of anyone who frequents Acadia National Park during peak times that parking can be a bit daunting. Park officials feel that they have come up with viable solutions to the issue.

Recently in the Press Herald plans were expressed by park officials to attempt and coordinate visitors by use of reservations for parking in popular park sites such as Cadillac Mountain, The Park Loop Road in the area of Sand Beach and some of the lots at Jordan Pond House.

The plan called, “timed-entry reservation system” was recently given to the public. These reservations would give the reserved car a window of time to enter and park in the designated area but officials say there would be no limit to the time that visitors could remain at the spot. Other popular park attractions could also fall under the new reservation system and there is a proposed fee of $10 to reserve parking. The monies garnered from the fee will to fund the new program and the Island Explorer that taxis visitors around the park free of charge. These and other parking changes are not expected to be in place until 2020.

Some of the other proposed changes include, adding parking at other locations on the island and changing some of the existing lots, eliminate the right-lane parking along Ocean Drive as other alternatives are developed and an anticipated increased use of the Island Explorer or other tour services.

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