How cool is this?  Very cool!

This morning, as a Skowhegan Police Chief David Bucknam drove down the road he came upon a sight across a field and within the thick fog, an American flag flying from high above huge bale of hay!

Wow, certainly an image of America!  Why, you can even see a tractor sitting far off to the right!

The Chief had this to say, "As I took the scenic route this morning coming into the Town of Skowhegan, little did I know I would be turning my vehicle around and stopping to capture an incredible picture? My Galaxy S7 doesn’t do this picture justice but I will do my best to describe what I saw.
I almost missed Old Glory as I came upon a freshly cut hay field until a slight wind snapped her out straight. The Red, White, and Blue standing out in a morning dew laden field made me reflect on the Patriotism I have seen in this great community. As a Veteran, my arms got goose bumps as I watched the sun fighting its way above the tree line and the sharp contrast of our nation’s flag. 
To the Farmer who took the time to place the hay bale and put the flag out for everyone to see. All I can say is thank you sir and well done. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit." Chief David Bucknam

Yes, we concur, thanks to the farmer who took the time to do this!  God bless the U.S.A.!

Thanks to the Skowhegan Police Department for posting this to Facebook today as well.


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