Snickers?  Nope.  Candy Corn?  Not here in the Pine Tree State., a bulk candy sales company that delivers to all 50 states has released data showing the most sold candies per state.  It assembled data spanning between 2007 and 2016, and focused on the weeks leading up Halloween.

So what catches Mainer's eyes and feeds their sweet tooth?  Here's the top three:

Yup, 58,290 pounds of Sour Patch Kids were shipped to Maine during those years.  45,928 lbs. of M&Ms, and 16,782 lbs. of Starburst.  That's a whole lotta good eatin' right there we'll tell ya!

What's popular in other states?  Hold you mouse over one to find out. had this to say about Maine: "Maine is a gorgeous place to visit. Cool summers with dense deciduous topography. Moose tracks outside your cabin on a crystal clear morning near the harbor. Lobster rolls for lunch followed by Sour Patch Kids. Hmm. Crazy Sour Patch Kids don’t seem in line with the peaceful vibe Maine gives off to outsiders. Is Maine hiding their true identity from the rest of us?  If you’re in Maine, let us know what’s going on up there. And also, make sure to stock up on Sour Patch Kids for Halloween."

So there you go!  If you don't want toilet paper hanging from the trees in the front yard when you wake up the day following Halloween, then you better be passing out one of these three candies that night!





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