We've found the best holiday lights displays in and around Bangor, and we're going to give you some extra motivation to get in the car and see them for yourself.

Starting Friday, Dec. 14, you can visit the 12 locations on our list. When you get to a location, use our app to capture the snowflake token and earn points. The more points you earn, the more entries you get into the contest.

On Dec. 24, one random winner will get $250 PLUS a chance at $2,000.

First things first: Get the app.

Then, click on the Scavenger Hunt icon on the menu. You can sign up starting on Mon., Dec. 10. We'll send you an alert on Dec. 14 to remind you that the hunt has started.

Good luck, everybody, and have fun looking at all the lights!

Here's a link to the rules.