Source: WalletHub

You always hear how un-churched Mainers are which kind of begs the question does that make us sinful?  According to this recent poll from Wallethub we seem to be doing quite well for the most part.

They stacked us against the other states using the 7 deadly sins, anger and hate, jealousy, vices, greed, lust, vanity and laziness. So how do you think we fared? Over all you'll be pleased to know we came in next to last only being out niced, for lack of a better term, by Vermont.

Maine scored lowest for violent crime. That said we came in at number 2 for the worst drinking excesses.  We'll blame the long winters. For all the other vices we ranked well into the 40's with the exception of greed for which we came in at 29th. Hey it's expensive to live here ya know. Oh and we're just a tad lazy, oops.

Regardless, looks like Maine is the way life should be for the most part, no matter what the new sign says.


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