It's time for the Cheech & Chong jokes to go away.

Recreational sales of pot in Maine are skyrocketing as figures show a total of 124,004  transactions among the 44 licensed retailers across the state for the month of July.  The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy tells us that more than $9.4 in revenue was taken in this past July, that's 45% more than was made in June, and $8.3 million more than October of 2020.

The state was awarded $943,500 in tax revenue for the month of July, big money for a variety of things like revenue sharing for schools.  Not to mention that all walks of life are now able to walk into a state-licensed recreational marijuana store to make a purchase.

So at this point, can we kill all the stupid pot jokes?  I mean $9.5 million is no laughing matter.

You know the jokes that we mean. The ones that every television show and movie on the planet uses every time a marijuana situation is brought up, and they're usually either about pigging out on brownies or potato chips or include the infamous "Wow, man" line for which Tommy Chong is known.

Yeah, think almost a million in state revenue and growing. So with that much money in mind, can we at least come up with some better pot jokes for the times?  Ones that may go the extra mile, or toke?

How about these?

"Why is a roach clip called a roach clip? Because pot holder was already taken."

Now, c'mon, that's funny. How about his one?

"Why did the cows return to the marijuana field? The pot was calling the cattle back."

Hey, that's much funnier than someone saying that someone with a buzz binged on a bunch of brownies and fell asleep in the recliner for the millionth time. You have to admit it.

Okay, one more. Um. Wait a minute, I forgot what it was.

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