As news comes in from overseas with regards to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, people from around the globe have been stepping up to show support for Ukraine in any way they can.

"I stand with Ukraine" badges have popped up all over social media. Rallies are being held both nationwide, here in the states, and internationally, with Ukraine's bold yellow and blue on full display on posters, flags, and face paint.

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In Maine, Governor Mills has even stepped into the ring by signing a proclamation that formally announces Maine's solidarity with Ukraine, against Russia's unprovoked invasion, and also by banning Russian-made alcohol in the state.

One local media outlet has also taken a stand in support of Ukraine. Local Fox/ABC affiliate, WFVX Fox Bangor, swapped its usual Red, White and Black logo, for a yellow and blue logo. Announcing Monday on the FOX/ABC Maine Facebook page, their reasoning for doing so:

"In light of recent events in Ukraine, we are making a temporary change to our logo, both on-air and online. It's now blue and yellow -- the colors of the Ukraine flag. It takes time to change all of them, so our traditional logo may pop up from time to time."

The overall reaction from the public, since implementing the change at the beginning of the week, has been positive, with folks making comments like "Awesome show of support",  "Great support for a nation at war!!!" and "Thank you … those people in Ukraine need all the support they get."

What are other ways you have seen folks show their support?

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