You can adopt a new furry friend today in Bangor!

Let's face it, we truly don't deserve dogs sometimes. They are sweet, loving, and always have your undivided attetnion. They are loyal and trusted companions, so the opportunity to take a puppy to it's forver home today is your for the taking!

The good folks at the Bangor Humane Society are jumping on the pop-up event bandwagon, by hosting their own today.

Join them at PetSmart, located at 482 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, today, March 9th, from 1am-1pm!

There will be six puppies on hand, five females, one male. They have all been altered and given all vaccinations they're old enough to get.

Here are few things to know before you attend the Pop-up Puppy event today:

1. If you have other dogs, you must bring them with you for a dog to dog visit so they can make sure it's a good fit for everyone.

2. If you rent, you must have landlord approval either in writing, or we must be able to contact your landlord by phone before Bangor Humane Society can finalize the adoption.

3. First come, best fit. No holds, no exceptions. Please do not call the shelter or the store for information.

4. Adoption fee is $425, which includes a $25 transport fee. Cash and checks preferred.
5. These dogs are from Mississippi. The breed is unknown, but Bangor Humane Soceity have been told they are lab mixes.

Gender breakdown as follows:

Male: Beethoven

Females: Bea, Buttons, Bear, Bixie, Baby

Bring some joy & love into your heart today, and adopt one of these puppies!

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