Warning: Your emotions are gonna run the gamut but in the end, all will be well.

This is a story of the good things that the Bangor Humane Society does in our community.

And it begins with questions: How did it happen? Why did it happen? How can we prevent it from happening again? But that's not the point of this story.

What happened is Bangor Police responded to a report from a storage facility employee who was checking the grounds and heard barking and whining coming from a storage unit.

Bangor Humane Society Executive Director, Suzan Prendergast picks up the story

Sometimes it is important for us to tell the hard stories too because tackling the tough stuff is why we're here and before you read on please know that everyone is OK but some days are harder than others

Three dogs were discovered inside that storage unit and all three were jammed together in a medium-sized crate.

It was dark. They were hungry. They were thirsty. There was no room to move. There was nowhere to go to the bathroom so they had no choice but to sleep in their own waste.

No one could tell how long they’d been there. Or why. That is not the purpose of this story, not to let the person or persons responsible for this act of cruelty off the hook.  Hopefully, they will be dealt with by the proper authorities.

Although how can you not shake your head at the very least and wonder "What were they thinking?"

Back to the dogs

They were emaciated. Covered in feces. And they drank and drank when they were released from the crate and offered water.

The Bangor Police department’s Sgt Fanning and Officer Donnell took the three dogs to the Bangor Humane Society.

The officers admitted they were shaken by what they’d just uncovered.

So too was the staff of BHS. Shell Shocked.

But for the dogs, the worst of their ordeal was finally over. They were now safe, warm, fed, and cared for.

All of the dogs were extremely underweight for dogs their size. Two of the three had ear infections.

They took weeks to begin to recover and put on needed pounds on the road to a healthy recovery.

Their temperaments are sweet and friendly, a testament to the loving and forgiving nature of dogs.

Only the three dogs know how long or why they were left in that unit, but they can’t tell the story.

And the promise was made that the story has a happy ending.

Two of the three dogs have been adopted to new forever homes and the third dog is on hold, meaning its next loving home placement is imminent.

Sounds like the happy ending we wanted for Otis, Ella, and Dexter.

Bangor Humane Society
Bangor Humane Society

Stories like theirs show why the services at Bangor Humane society are so critical.

More from Suzan Prendergast:

It is an honor to be a trusted resource for homeless and unwanted pets in our community, providing access to safe shelter, heat, food and medical care. In a perfect world, the need for our services would no longer be required, but until that happens we’ll continue to work together with you, our dedicated and generous donors to make sure the pets get the very best care we can provide. Thank you for caring as much as you do

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