We're still gathering details on this story and haven't had a chance to interview the suspect, but a chase early this morning in Bangor put police to the test.

A little after 2 a.m, Bangor Police were called to Hammond Street and they knew as a matter of public safety they'd need to act quickly.

Officer Keith Larby says a horse was wandering the streets in the area and they didn't want it getting hit by a motorist.

None of the officers responding had any horse experience so initially they slowly and gently tried to corral the horse with their cruisers but realized they were not going to be able to contain the horse.

Officer Jose Vadaurri then took a rope from a flotation device the officers carry in their cruisers and made a makeshift lasso.

Officer Larby says the horse did not resist and calmly munched on grass until owners from the harness racing stables came to walk the horse back to its stall.

No one as hurt in the incident and Officer Larby says truthfully it was one of the more entertaining calls they've responded to in some time.

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